Air Freight

Since the establishment of Maltrans, it has developed into one of the largest and most successful, independent forwarders. With a strong regional presence through a worldwide network of strong partners , Maltrans is able to offer global service concept. The Company’s Airfreight Division offers the following services:

  • Import:

    Maltrans is the right partner for import shipments. Goods will be handled and arranged smoothly through the Company’s global network offices.
 After arrival into Jordan the goods are handled properly and delivered to the consignee.
  • Export:

    The Company can cater to all export shipments from Jordan to anywhere regardless of the type of goods or their destination. Maltrans guarantees to provide air export services to customers.
  • Special Services:
    • Perishable Goods:
Maltrans is specialized in global airfreight handling of perishables (flowers, plants, food, animals). It has gained experience in shipping perishables. Its employees are available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
    • Dangerous Goods
      The Company is experienced in shipping dangerous goods, it has the necessary facilities at its disposal, and its staff has the appropriate certification to handle dangerous goods.
Maltrans has a number of staff certified by IATA DGR.
    • Out of Gauge Goods
      Maltrans is specialized in shipping loads with extraordinary measurements by air and all related freight forwarding. Its experienced and well-trained staff knows exactly which products can be loaded into which airline.
 Clients know exactly who is handling their shipments.
    • Warehousing
      Maltrans has extensive experience in warehousing and the distribution of high – value goods for multinationals.
 Besides warehousing and distribution, the Company offers value added service assembly, testing, repairing and packaging of goods.
      The Company also offers the following value added services:
      • Invoicing
      • Acting as fiscal representative
      • Freight payment

      The Company offers the following value added advantages:

      • Decreasing the delivery time to the client
      • Decreasing the stock level
      • Improving the client service
    • Bonded Warehousing It is possible to store the goods in the bonded warehouse for an unlimited period, this period no duties or vat are due. Duties and vat need to be paid when the goods are sold to the clients.
 This means that the goods are transported and stored in bonded warehouse where the duties and VAT only need to be paid in the country of destination.
      Benefits of Bonded Warehousing:
      • Unlimited storage period.
      • No duty / VAT for goods stored in the bonded warehouse
      • Duty payment when the goods are sold
      • Goods to non-Jordan destinations are kept in transit ( no double duties )
      • Interest savings on duty payments (cash flow advantage).
      • No import duty risks on stock
      • Minimal customs interference
    • Customs Clearance Local customs clearance brokers operating within the local market are faced with complex and detailed customs and VAT regulations. Knowledge of customs regulations is essential to ensure an optimized supply chain. Maltrans, for the last 10 years, continuously ranked no. 1 amongst all customs clearance brokers in Jordan due to the fact that operational procedures for customs regulations are very well understood and managed by Maltrans. Its customs department consists of specialists who can deal with all your customs related affairs, we can advise customs conditions on import, export, transit of goods and the specific requirements with storage in Jordan and the follow-up distribution of goods within and outside Jordan.
      Its customs services aim to offering:
      • Advising on import licenses, classification, valuation, duty exemption, preferences, etc.
      • Ensure a smooth flow of goods without delays.
      • Reduce cash flow burden due to VAT payments.
      • Optimize import duty payment.

      Maltrans offer the following customs services:

      • Taking care of customs reports related to inbound, outbound and transit of goods.
      • Advise on indirect taxes such as VAT, import duties, exit duties and other duties upon import.
      • Inward and outward processing.
      • Arranging fiscal representation.
      • Bonded storage of goods
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Message from Chairman
Over the past 3 decades Maltrans Group has developed from a small company to become an international services providers for shipping, forwarding, travel, tourism and complete logistics solutions.
We continued to invest, upgrade and expand our services through the establishment of enormous and integrated network.
We also knew that it was of paramount importance to work with experienced, professional and committed staff to ensure that our clients can enjoy efficient and high quality services, to us employees are valuable assets.
As we continue to grow, our ultimate aim would always be to offer our clients the best in all as it is our belief that service is the true secret...
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