The Group Services

As an agency house in Jordan, MALTRANS is one of the leading shipping agents at Aqaba Port that provides professional services with all other agency functions to the principals, where our services commence prior to the vessels’ arrival and continue at every stage relevant to charterers and beyond.

Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), Consolidation Services, On Site Cargo Handling, Multi modal Solutions, Full customs brokerage, and documentation services available.

MALTRANS offer their customers a total solution for road transport. We have developed a unique system to guarantee that goods arrive on time, we handle a large volume of goods on daily basis (of any size) into Jordan as well as cargo in transit to neighboring countries via Aqaba Port.

MALTRANS is specialized in shipping loads with extraordinary measurements by air and all related freight forwarding. Our experienced and well-trained staff know exactly which products can be loaded into which airline; Clients know exactly who is handling their shipments.

MALTRANS has extensive experience in warehousing and the distribution of high-value goods for multinationals. Besides warehousing and distribution, the company offers value-added service such as assembly, testing, repairing, Packing, Labeling, dispatching, returns and stock management.

We know the details and working around the clock at the major entry borders, our large clients base, Knowledge of customs regulations and trading standards is essential, and it is our strong Arm to ensure an improved and steady supply chain and delivery of cargo around Jordan.

We know it is complicated sometimes, and cargo should arrive on time, we enjoy solving problems easier than expected.

By MIDTRANS Logistic and Investment Co. we are helping Families and companies to move in a Better, healthier, more comfortable ways, A fleet of different equipped trucks and experienced staff who can keep every single piece safe and secure.

Textile multi modal transportation, warehousing, and distribution. We put in place specifically adapted procedures to ensure delivery through customs never leads to unpleasant surprises.

Group of activities are available to automotive manufacturers and resellers that represent logistics services such as inbound material flow management, inventory control, packaging, reverse logistics, cross docking, just in time delivery, warehousing, and transportation.

The prototype of logistics models, coordination of operational and storage services and help with shipping budgets.

With an extensive experience in the travel field, MALTRANS Travel and Tourism team came together to become the leaders in serving travelers. Located in Amman and consisting of a team of professionals, MALTRANS Travel and Tourism is one of the pioneering companies in the travel industry.